• It's Fall Y'all Planter Contest

    The bright flowers of summertime will soon be gone, but we’re not ready to give into winter quite yet! Join us is creating a show of autumn artistry throughout our village by taking part in our "It's Fall Y'all" Planter Arrangement Contest!

    Adopt one of Ellsworth’s 18 stone planters and create a fall-themed masterpiece. Let your imagination be your guide and use ornamental grasses, fall plants, dried florals, pumpkins, gourds or branches to make the most beautiful and creative artistic creation you can dream up!

    Not only will you be contributing to our village’s fall allure, you have the chance to win big prizes! The community will be invited to cast a vote for their favorite arrangement via our Facebook page. The creations with the most votes win prize packages totally over $500!

    Business, clubs, organizations and individuals are encouraged to enter (Businesses with planters outside of their establishments have first right of refusal). View location of planters here.

    Registration is free and must be received by October 10!

    Enter today!


    • Installation of your arrangement is to be completed between 8:00am, (Date) and 5:00pm, (Date) so that all displays are complete and ready for photography.
    • Arrangements must be able to withstand extreme weather conditions (heat, cold, rain, wind, etc.). Ensure the components of your arrangement are durable and all ornamentation is securely attached within your display.
    • Arrangements must be contained within the planter. Components cannot be adhered to adjacent structures or on the ground below the planter.
    • Arrangement creators are responsible for keeping their planter in good viewing and picture-taking condition from set-up until award day.
    • A sign will be placed at your planter identifying your entry for voting purposes. The sign can be moved within your arrangement but must remain incorporated into your display.
    • Community residents will be encouraged to tour and view all entries between (Date) and (Date). During that time frame, judging will be taking place on the Ellsworth Area Chamber of Commerce’s Facebook page. A first, second and third prize winner will be chosen based on the number of Likes and Reactions entries receive throughout the voting process.
    • Any items you wish to keep from your arrangement must be removed by 5:00pm, (Date). After (Date) arrangement components will be disposed of to make way for winter planter décor.
    • Arrangements reflecting controversial or political opinions or statements are not allowed. The Ellsworth Area Chamber of Commerce reserves the right to remove any displays it deems offensive or inappropriate in regard to race, sex or religion.
    • Permanent changes to the stone planters are prohibited (i.e. paint, holes or other permanent changes or damage).
    • We are not liable for damaged or stolen display items (i.e. shenanigans, vandals and thieves).
    • Photographs of or stories about your display, and all information contained in your entry form may be used for publicity and promotion of the community.

    By completing the entry form, I hereby agree to the contest rules as listed above. I release/hold harmless the Ellsworth Area Chamber of Commerce, its staff, officers & agents from any & all claims for loss, damage or injury incurred by Stone Planter Display Contest participation.

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