• Wisconsin Main Street Day!

    Wisconsin Main Street Day!

    Today is Wisconsin Main Street Day and Gov. Scott Walker is taking the opportunity to remind everyone about the importance of our state's main street districts -- A vibrant downtown is critical to the overall health of our communities. 

    At the Ellsworth Area Chamber of Commerce it's our Connect Communities Committee that's focused on enhancing our Main Street Corridor. Their initiatives range from beautification, placemaking, and public art projects, to economic development and advocating to the village board on governmental objectives, long-range planning. and more.

    Gov. Walker's message is a reminder of the important and challenging work being spearheaded by this committee. They are re-imagining our village's downtown corridor, looking into the challenges our main street businesses face, and the obstacles standing in the way of attracting new business and inspiring entrepreneurs to invest in our downtown. Take a moment to watch this short video message from the Governor as he explains more...

    When it comes to our Village's main street, Connect Communities is looking beyond tomorrow... and beyond next year. In addition to the initiatives they hope to implement in the short-term, their focus is on 5, 10 and even 20 years into the future. A great downtown is a quality of life amenity that is important to workers and their families, which is also important to our local employers as they work to attract top talent and keep their businesses growing. As a business community, we have a vested interest in making our downtown the best it can be!

    If envisioning and working toward the future Ellsworth is appealing to you, the Connect Communities committee is interested in talking with you! There will be long and short-term projects that will require a diverse range of skills, talents, time and abilities. If you're interested in rolling up your sleeves and working with a great group of visionaries, contact the Admin Team here.

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