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  • Designed with your professional success in mind, FLEX is a networking group specifically for young professionals ranging in age from 21-45. We’re the future of the Ellsworth area business community and through FLEX we’re making contacts and fostering peer-to-peer collaboration in a professional and fun way.

  • Develop Professionally
    FLEX provides multiple avenues of growth and development. Members pursue growth and learning to maintain a strong and continuously growing culture.

  • Cultivating Relationships
    FLEX is the center of collaboration. It’s the place where professionals network and connect.  Young professionals from the community are able to build relationships that will not only foster the development of each individual member, but also their organizations as a whole.


    Attend monthly FLEX networking events to interact socially, exchange ideas, share common interests, learn more about Ellsworth’s business community, and engage in our community’s future. Meeting like-minded business professionals will strengthen your professional image, further your career, and introduce you to new friends.

    Launching now! During our launch, join for just $25 for the entire year!

    It’s time to invest in your future. Join FLEX today!


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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the Ellsworth Area Chamber of Commerce’s FLEX program?

    FLEX (Future Leaders & Entrepreneurs Exchange) is designed to support young professionals ages 21-45 to grow professionally through relationship building and networking. FLEX events provide unique opportunities for the region’s young professionals to meet new people, connect with like-minded peers outside the office, develop and enhance skills, and make a lasting impact on the future of our community.

    What type of job do I have to have to be included?

    Young professionals come in all shapes, sizes, nationalities, backgrounds, industries, and educational experience. Accountants, artists, bankers, engineers, non-profit workers, graduate students, those in manufacturing, construction, and the trades, small business owners and everyone in between are welcome to join FLEX.

    Do I have to be an Ellsworth Area Chamber of Commerce member to join FLEX? 

    FLEX is a program of the Ellsworth Area Chamber of Commerce and it is designed to encourage and support the growth and development of our area’s young, talented workforce. FLEX is open to all young professionals and an Ellsworth Chamber membership is NOT required to attend FLEX events. However, taking full advantage of all the benefits of the Ellsworth Area Chamber of Commerce, such as having an online business listing, filling a FLEX committee leadership role, sponsoring an event, etc. does require a membership for your business. Learn more about the benefits of membership here, or contact us here for more information.

    Does membership cost anything? 

    Join for just $25 for the entire year! Most events are hosted by a local business and often food/drink is offered at your expense--sometimes they are provided at a discount or are complimentary thanks to a sponsor!

    I'm a chamber member--How can my business be a sponsor?

    An excellent and smart decision. Sponsoring can raise the profile of your business and provide benefits in the areas of recruiting, hiring, retention, and sales leads. To learn more, contact us here.