• Complete the State of Wisconsin Broadband Survey Today!

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    Exciting broadband initiatives are in the works for our state that will greatly enhance economic development, job growth, government service delivery, education and more. However, will the residents of our area be able to take advantage of them?

    If you're like many area residents and are frustrated about local internet and broadband service (or a lack of it), completion of this survey is a must! The survey results will be used to identify areas of greatest need for broadband/internet access/expansion in our state. This is the opportunity for residents and businesses to express their concerns and expectations. Please take the survey today! It's important that our County's needs are communicated.

    For those you know who are unable to access the internet, the survey is also available by phone at 877-360-2973. Please spread the word to your neighbors and customers!


    The red area in the image above indicates Pierce County's underserved areas. The dark blue areas are a stark reminder of how little of our county receives competitive internet at the highest speeds. This puts our county at a major disadvantage when it comes to economic development, education and government and private sector service delivery to our residents.

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